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Who is MilkYoga?

My name is Ludovica, even if friends call me Lola. Yoga became part of my life in a completely casual way, or at least that’s what I thought. From the first class I was impressed because I felt it was not a simple body training but there was more. I decided, after years of personal practice, to leave for Barcelona, where I certified with Yoga Alliance. 

My lessons are authentic and my intention is to make people feel welcomed and free to express themselves without being judged. I think it’s the practice that has to adapt to the individual and not vice versa. That’s why my practices are suitable for all levels, while remaining challenging.

Milkyoga Offer

Classes & Retreats

Let’s celebrate together  our magical mechanism body-mind.

In this section you will find all the MilkYoga Offer, such as Private or Online Lessons, Retreats & Co.

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It is when we silence our mind that the magic happens!

- Online classes

I choose to conduct my lessons mainly Online because, being a traveler, I understand the importance of freedom to move. By doing so you will always be able to practice and connect with different worlds, wherever you are.

- Private Classes

In this lesson one by one I will be there to guide you through a path designed specifically for you, listening to your needs and desires.


What's more beautiful than traveling and taking the time to stop and savor the tastes of new lands and meet people, each with its own history and life experience. At our yoga retreats, fabulous connections are immediately created and we work not only within ourselves but also in contact with other souls.

- Yoga in the nature

Let Nature guide us into the practice, with the sky above us and with the earth beneath us ready to support us.

Testimonials from my Students

"Ludovica is extremely available, kind and she knows how to listen to everyone's needs. During the practice, you are given the opportunity to carry out a position in different difficulty level.."
Milk Yoga
"The experience with MilkYoga is enveloping and relaxing! I had never tried it before, but it really is a way to take care of yourself in an atmosphere that makes you feel at ease with attention an competence.."
"Take care. This is the definition I would like to give to yoga class with Ludovica. During the class she really takes care of ourselves and she takes care of our body and soul. The result is a profound sense of serenity and well-being..."

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